VIDEO: Supreme Court Justices shake bodies to bid Sule Gbadegbe farewell

Supreme Court Justices have bid farewell to their colleague Justice Nasiru Sulemana Gbadegbe.

Justice Gbadegbe is retiring from the apex court after about 11 years, serving on the highest court of the land.

At a ceremony to say good bye to him, Justices of the Supreme Court and other courts (high and appeals court) celebrated the man by dancing shaking their body small at the valedictory service.

Justice Gbadegbe is noted for recusing himself from the contempt case involving panelists of an Accra based radio station, Montie FM.

Announcing the decision, the Chief Justice then Georgina Theodora Wood said one of the pillars on which justice relies on which is of fundamental importance is that justice must not just be done but manifestly seen to be done.

Justice Gbadegbe was nominated to the Supreme Court by late President Mills in 2010.

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