Akufo-Addo Is The Most Corrupt President In Ghana’s History – HRH Oscar Yao Doe

Businessman and humanitarian HRH Oscar Yao Doe, has labelled President Nana Akufo-Addo as the most dishonest and corrupt head of state in the history of Ghana.

He stated this in a new posted issued on his official Instagram page where he shared the various sectors in the country he thinks the President has corrupted.

Read HRH Doe’s post below as seen on his Instagram page:

I, His Royal Highness The Most Colourful & Well Decorated Oscar Yao Doe Present You The Most Corrupt President In Ghana’s History Since Independence From 1957:

The Dishonest Akufo Addo’s Presidency. Without Any Doubt, In My Mind, Akufo Addo Has Corrupted The Following:

1. Akufo Has Corrupted Ghana’s Security Institutions.
2. Akufo Has Corrupted Ghana’s Judiciary.
3. Akufo Has Corrupted Ghana’s Main Stream Media.
4. Akufo Has Corrupted Ghana’s Academic Institutions.
5. Akufo Has Corrupted Ghana’s Religious Leaders & Organisations.
6. Akufo Has Corrupted Ghana’s Civil Society Organisations.
7. Akufo Has Corrupted Ghana’s Trade Unions & Labour Organisations.
8. Akufo Has Corrupted Ghana’s Professional Entities & Bodies.
9. Akufo Has Corrupted Ghana’s Civil Servants.
10.Akufo Has Corrupted Ghana’s Traditional Authorities.
11. ETC………. Ghana Needs Rescue.

Now The Only Line Of Defence For Ghana Is The Ordinary People Of Ghana. The People (Ghanaians) Versus Dishonest Akufo Addo’s Presidency And His Wicked Minded Cousins Full Of Darkness For Election2020. The People’s Will Shall Prevail.


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