‘Alampan’ hitmaker, Jay Dee denies selling skipping rope for survival

Rapper Jay Dee, known for his hit song ‘Alampan’, has reacted to reports that he is financially unstable after photos of him selling skipping ropes went viral.

Ghanaians lamented bitterly about how a musician, who was on top of the game in the early 2000s, could go from grace to grass.

But, in a latest interview, Jay Dee has debunked every claim, insisting there is no way he will take up menial jobs as means of survival.

Coming from a rich family as he claims, the rapper said he does not even need to stress to have daily meal.

On the viral video in which he was captured with the skipping ropes, Jay Dee said he was only helping his sister run her shop.

He also added he has plans to release another album, a continuation of ‘Alampan’.

Watch video below:

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