All those Gospel Musicians who put on makeup & show their breasts are heading to hellfire – Papa Shee

Evangelist Papa Shee speaking on Accra-based Angel FM asserts that all those Gospel Musicians who put on makeup and show their breasts are heading to hellfire.

The renowned highlife artiste turned man of God, maintained that putting on makeups and showing of boobs are ungodly and unbiblical.

His reason is that makeups are sinful and consenting to it would only land you in the world which is a place unfit for someone who is propagating the gospel of God.

Makeup has become the new trend that the ladies/women of today are following. Dressing without putting on heavy makeup makes one appearance ‘incomplete’.

At first, makeup and other dressing styles were believed to be for the unbelievers but in today’s world, it’s the best way to show your beauty.

Papa Shee during the interview did not mention any gospel musicians name, however, his description pointed to some known faces in the Industry.

“You know them already. I need not mention names here. Look around at some of the popular Gospel artiste and their way of dressing, the majority won’t make it to heaven”.

But one good thing is he doesn’t hold the book of life to know to goes to or misses Heaven and he’s not God to judge hence much can’t be said about that.

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