Blueprint Tokyo – A Whole New Life EP

Monday November 22, 2021 (London, England) Blueprint Tokyo, an indie rock duo from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, has released a new EP titled ‘A Whole New Life’. The EP was released on 15 November under © 2021 Blueprint Tokyo.

A Whole New Life was written in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Alberta, Canada, mixed in Italy, and mastered in the United Kingdom. The EP depicts a spirit of hopefulness in a time of need, with some 80s influence. “Panic Carefully,” which was previously released as a single earlier this year, opens the EP (our review here). “Panic Carefully” blends pounding percussion with effects-filtered electric guitars and a variety of electronic-sounding synths to beautifully showcase the longing vocals throughout this intense piece.

The next track is “A Whole New Life,” which begins with the ambient sound of a crowd of people talking before launching into the opening verse with reverb-laden guitars, resonant bass, and a solid mid-tempo pace. Throughout the tune’s verses, deep vocals complement the dreamy guitar textures wonderfully, while harmonising effectively with the backing vocals, guitars, and atmospheric synths during the catchy chorus that eventually closes the track.

Throughout its fascinating lyrical portions, “Take Me Anywhere” has melodic, expressive vocals and layered, retro-sounding synths, with distorted electric guitar chords giving an edge of weight that effectively underscores the choruses.

Andy and Kevin have been performing across the United States for over a decade, with a knack for hooks and atmosphere. Kevin was on the verge of becoming a full-time musician when he was diagnosed with a degenerative bone illness, causing him to cease playing. Without insurance, he had to rely on charity, personal debt, and benefits to get his diagnosis and treatment. The duo has resumed their creative adventure, with new tunes in hand, now that they are fit. After surviving the epidemic, their new band, Blueprint Tokyo, is making a fresh start.

The EP closes with “Infused,” which combines powerful drumming, structures of clean-toned guitars, and washes of ethereal synths to create a powerful backdrop for the track’s impressive vocals; staccato rhythm guitar chords drive the choruses, which are later emboldened by a sample from an inspiring speech near the track’s conclusion. A Whole New Life is a pleasant listen from start to finish, showcasing Blueprint Tokyo’s incredible song writing and musicianship. This EP is a must-have for fans of indie and alternative music equally.

A Whole New Life Track List

Panic Carefully

A Whole New Life

Take Me Anyplace


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