D3lta – Hey You (Official Video)

(November 14, 2021 – Milan, IT ) – Rising pop star D3lta released the official music video for his single “Hey You” on November 5. Filmed in Anthens, Greece and directed by Neron Power, the video matches the song’s dark tone with chilly imagery and inspiration from one of the most amazing scenes in cinema history. Watch it now HERE.

This new track is particularly personal to D3lta, as he explains:

’Hey You’ means a lot to me so I felt that it was really important for me to capture the full emotions of the song when I was in the studio recording. I started working with an acting coach William Lester to help me prepare and before I even sang anything to him, he asked me to read my lyrics out loud to him. I hadn’t shared the story behind ‘Hey You’ with William yet at that time and his first impression was that I was talking to myself in the past or the future.”

Since he was a child, D3lta has been surrounded by music. After learning to play the piano at the age of five and receiving classical tuition, he began experimenting with a grunge and rock style by picking up a guitar. He polished his skills in high school by performing in many bands, and while studying in London, he performed at venues such as the legendary Comedy Club.

He gained fame and support from the likes of Earmilk after releasing his debut solo content in 2018, and has since proven himself to be an artist that isn’t scared to explore new things and has never fallen into the usual boxes of what an artist should sound like.

Check out the video for “Hey You” above, and like D3lta’s Facebook page or follow him on Instagram for more information.

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