Denim Blù – Blue (Full Album)

Monday, November 15, 2021 London, England) Denim Blù, a pop and electronica artist, has announced the release of his debut album, Blue. The album’s idea revolves around a romance, with production inspiration drawn from Toronto’s diverse culture.

Demin Blù’s debut album, Blue, is a bewildering collection of contemporary pop tunes ready to break your heart. It’s a love that’s young, edgy, and queer. Burn, a devastating pop lament, was released in October of 2020 as the first single.

The album is a deep, ocean blue in appearance, but when the listener sits with each song, it takes on a mournful “blue” mood. Each song begins to round out Blue’s experiences, and the album speaks like a piece of art. Each one has its own personality, and Blù’s character appears to be linked to the album.

Denim Blù Blue album
Denim Blù Blue album

Denim Blù is a new Toronto-based singer-songwriter whose identity and songs represent the diverse cultural mosaic that makes Toronto’s music so appealing to a broad audience. He’s a queer artist from China whose work is inspired by resistance. He’s not supposed to be Chinese and make pop music; he’s also not supposed to be gay or emote sex. He does, in fact. He studied and created music in China, the United Kingdom, and Toronto, and his influence spans three continents. The result is a pure pop dream with emotional interest that incorporates elements of blues, dance, electronica, and R&B while remaining unabashedly gay. Denim Blù combines Robyn, Christina Aguilera, and Charlie Puth’s aural sentiments with Florence and the Machine’s and Paloma Faith’s lyrical excellence. His music, as a whole, is new-age pop with a storey to convey.

Album Track List

Denim Blù Blue album
Denim Blù Blue album
  1. Blue
  2. Extraordinary Feel (feat. Lizzy Clarke)
  3. Burn (feat. Randy)
  4. I MIss You (feat. Eugene Hwang)
  5. I Miss You (Reprise)
  6. Young and Foolish
  7. I’ll Die (feat. Lizzy Clarke)
  8. Again

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