GIYA – Upside Down (New Song)

19 November 2021 (London, UK) To end the year, GIYA the British singer has finally released her debut single “Upside Down”, today via GIYA Moosic a self record.

Upside Down is a jazz, pop and hip hop fusion track about K-holes and it’s also GIYA second single of the year.

stream GIYA Upside Down song
stream GIYA Upside Down song

Quotes from Giya

“To me, it’s always felt like there was a world beyond what we can see and touch, that we access
in those moments; an Upside Down, where the demons come out to play. I’ve always been
fascinated by that, the idea that there is more to this place than what meets the eye”

“Artists have all the power these days, most just don’t realise it yet; artist to fan relations have never
been stronger. The pandemic has shown us that you have to be able to rely on yourself and survive
on your own and I’ve really adopted that headspace. I want to own what I create, own the
successes and the failures – there’s a power in that. As a female in the industry also, keeping that
ownership of my music and also who I am is really important to me.

About Giya

GIYA is a South London-based singer-songwriter and producer who went to the same school as Jamie T and was originally characterised as Jorja Smith and Tash Sultana’s love child. She despises fitting into mould.

stream GIYA Upside Down song
stream GIYA Upside Down song

She honed her skills in the company of Hak Baker and other skilled musicians in the Lonesome Dog collective in south west London, eventually joining Baker on his nationwide tour. The Almost Real EP, her first solo release, was a snapshot of suburban claustrophobia and inebriation laced with folk guitars, hip hop beats, and Dido-esque vocals that was well received by both fans and critics, with Sucker remarking that it “cements GIYA’s presence among top pop songwriters in the country.” She has the attention of the public, thanks to BBC Introducing, which has picked up two of her songs.

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The song is available on all streaming platform, and you can give her a follow on all social media platform

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