He will not win a single region in this election – Captain Smart hints

Captain Smart of Angel TV has described that this particular candidate who has been making waves in the country in this year’s election bid stands no chance at winning a single region in the election. This comes as he analyses some of the things that are likely to happen to influence people’s decisions to vote in the various directions.

In a discussion with his morning show team this morning, he hinted that there are some regions that stand to decide the who will rule the country after the December 7 election on Monday. He said: “any candidate that wins the Greater Accra, Western, Central and Bono regions is likely to carry the victory come December 7. Therefore, it is imperative to observe.

He started by asking his team which candidate they think will win the Greater Accra region. In an attempt to answer this question, one of them attempted to speak but Captain stopped him saying: “I know you are going to mention GUM, but he will not win even a single region in this year’s election so don’t waste your time”. He, however, hinted to drop the winner of the Greater Accra region later.

The election is drawing closer and it is expected that we all step out to vote for our choice of candidate. Let’s not breed violence but practice peace and tolerance because we only have ONE GHANA.


Source: SamAG/RiddimsGhana

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