I Will Not Step Foot In Wontumi TV Again – Abronye

Bono Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Kwame Bafo, also known as Abronye has gotten angry at some persons in his party on live television. He is threatening not to step foot in the studios of Wuntumi Television again for his program.

According to Mr. Kwame Bafo Abronye, those individuals are hijacking activities of the party which may eventually compel him to stop defending the NPP.

At the conclusion part of his ‘Nsempa Fie’ political program on Kumasi based Wuntumi television last night November 28, 2020, an angry Kwame Bafo Abronye indicated that he is always content with the small income he gets from farming.

According to him he and will never stoop low, to follow so called big men in the NPP before meeting his daily meal.

Mr. Kwame Bafo Abronye added that he has been following the NPP for many years, but some youngsters are riding on their gains to hijack the party.

Mr. Kwame Bafo was unable to mention the names of those who he thinks are hijacking the party, but it is obvious he was referring to the National Communications Directorate of the NPP.

Mr. Kwame Bafo threatened to discontinue hosting the Nsempe Fie program once and for all if care is not taken.

“I’m angry today with some people in the National Communication Team. Nobody should tell me to stop because I will speak my mind on this program. If care is not taken, I will not step foot in this studio again for this program. I’m not part of those who do ‘Yasir Massa’, I have my farm which feeds me.

 I’m telling you plain today. Nobody feeds me. When we started this work with Collins Owusu Amankwa and co, where were you guys, those who want to hijack the job, where were you. I’m asking you? Mr. Kwame Bafo noted.



Story By : BeaNana

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