If ghost spirits truly lives, then JJ Rawlings must arise and strike these people- Popular Prophet

The founder and leader of Christ Power Ministry International who is widely known as Wiseman Gad has finally reacted to the death of JJ Rawlings and it is very strange. In an interview with Kwadwo Poku on Kumasi Online TV, the popular man of God disclosed that he was very sad when he heard that JJ Rawlings is dead since he was a man that he loved soo much.

He added that if Ghana or Africa is to have the kind or type of JJ Rawlings as president, there will be a total transformation since he is a disciplined man who does not tolerate corruption. I have never seen his character in any of the past presidents we’ve had in Ghana before since he is exceptional in everything.

The man of God continued by saying that he was surprise to see people speaking good of JJ Rawlings when he died since it is the same people who were saying he was evil when he was alive. Even some of the NDC officials who were not in good terms with him were speaking good of him when he died.

That shows how hypocrite we are as Ghanaians since we don’t celebrate good people when they are alive. People who hated him when he was alive was celebrating him when he died and if ghost spirits truly lives, the spirit of JJ Rawlings must rise and strike those fake people who are pretending that they love him now that he is dead. 



Story By: goodnews_writer

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