MadZen Las Despedidas (Full EP)

Sunday November 2, 2021 (London, England) This November 11th, Mexican artist/producer MadZen returns with his first-ever four-track EP “Las Despedidas.” A collection of poignant songs about broken hearts, being proud of oneself after completing a long and difficult trip, and saying goodbye to individuals who are no longer with us.

Las Despedidas” reveals MadZen’s most vulnerable side yet, with lively tunes and heartfelt vocals. MadZen currently explores music with a more indie/R&B, and hip-hop style, reminiscent of MadZen’s earlier tracks, after releasing his most recent single “Home,” which received critical acclaim from Less Than 100 Followers, Miguel’s Weekly, Os Garotos de Liverpool, and Gifted Balance Records.

MadZen Las Despedidas full EP

“The original idea was to release a much more electronic EP, but things changed when I lost my brother last August. Suddenly, releasing an electronica EP made no sense at all, so I decided to pick up some of my old-forgotten songs and make some new ones to honor and commemorate him. Not only him, but a whole other people that left us in 2020 and 2021. I’m really happy and proud with the result.” – MadZen

MadZen is a mexican artist and also a producer, who create beautiful songs through his creative writting skills and production work knowledge. this artist achieves a musical mix no one else has thanks to his ability to blend the pop with the unexpected.

Track List

MadZen Las Despedidas full EP

  1. Mistakes is a funky indie/R&B tune with a wealth of melodious guitars carried away by steady rhythms and mournful vocals. The lyrics lament the loss of a loving partner as a result of faults made, and they plead for forgiveness and her/his return. Zurdo Carpinas, a musician and acquaintance from Spain, recorded the viola.
  2. Antes de Partir which translates to “before kicking the bucket,” is a laid-back hip-hop track with a hint of sorrow, but ultimately emphasising courage and the will to live life with strength, love, and knowledge. MadZen’s Spanish rap is both profound and intimate. This track’s bass line was influenced by Gorillaz’ “Starshine.”
  3. Over Me is a song dedicated to MadZen’s brother. The tune begins with sweet piano and quiet vocals and builds into an explosion of guitars, percussion, and orquesta, pushing sound to its limit before returning to MadZen’s tender singing. The lyrics recount the storey of both growing up and the artist’s wish to share one last song with him.
  4. Vive Bien The EP’s final track, “Vive Bien” or “Live Well,” is only available for purchase on Bandcamp. It’s MadZen’s imagined response to our loved ones if they could write us a letter from the “other side.” With messages of hope, love, and charity, the artist gives voice to those who are no longer with us. Lyrics inspire you to never lose sight of your goals or your voice, and to keep pushing even when things are difficult. We’ll never leave you alone; we’ll always be here for you.

MadZen Las Despedidas

Las Despedidas an EP by MadZen

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