Man turned into a snake and swallowed girlfriend

A good lookin rich man met a women at club and started Fallin in love with her.

When the club was about to close

theman & lady went into a hotel since the night was still too young.

They partied in the hotel for almost 3 hours before kissing and touching each other.

The girl allowed the man to touch her because she saw the money that the guy had in his brief case and on the wallet

After sleeping together, the man turned into a big snake and started to swallow the lady.

While the lady was screaming at the top of her voice, hotel management & security broke in & saw what was happening but they were afraid to help since they saw a snake.

Some were taking pictures while some were trying to help the lady & then the big snake just disappeared leaving the lady dead.

Some took pictures of the snake before it disappeared and all the people who were there in the scene were shocked when they saw that the snake disappeared.

Ladies please stop dating guys with money

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