Maria Pellicano - Forever and Ever

Maria Pellicano – Forever and Ever (New Song)

(Novembre 12, 2021 – London, United Kingdom) – Australian based star Maria Pellicano released a new song “Forever and Ever” today. A song that takes us on a journey of moving through our inner darkness and discovering what lies beyond. In other words, painting the darkness with colours of hope.

Maria plans to combine the song with her existing tools as an experienced author, teacher, and coach to create a powerful message for those looking to grow and develop their voice, presence, and confidence after working with producer Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music Melbourne on the creation of the track.

“Often, we don’t want to look at our own darkness, because we are afraid we will find something we cannot solve.. I wanted to highlight that it’s really there for people.. If we want to grow, we have to confront that there are parts of us that we cannot solve.. you need to become aware of it and sit with it.”

Maria has worked with numerous singers and artists through her singing school, SingOut, over the last 16 years, having been a singing instructor for over 30 years and leading over 5000 students to develop their own craft. Her love for assisting people in finding their voice has led her to coach and develop speakers, leaders, and influencers, as well as write a book to reach a larger audience.

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