Marianne Engebretsen - Citylights

Marianne Engebretsen – Citylights

Marianne Engebretsen is a Norwegian Pop artist, known for her moody, soulful and hypnotic soundscapes. Songs reflecting feelings of heartbreak and melancholy, the songwriter touches on how growth is often painful but beautiful. With a unique Norwegian and British upbringing,

Marianne Engebretsen grew up in constant change. This experience taught her the beauty in letting go and adapting and as a result her lyricism developed into a form of observation of her ever-changing environment. Her music takes its inspiration from both United State and European music culture, creating something which is comforting and familiar, yet distinctly her own.

Marianne Engebretsen

Her latest single “Citylights” oozes a dark contemporary soul tone. Looking into the future and the past all at once, she considers the infinite possibilities of what could alternatively play out between two people who once felt deep love and now nothing. The artist confides, “All i ever needed was a rise above myself, so i could feel something, other than this.”

“Citylights” takes inspiration from the likes of KING SIS and Tyra Chantey, emitting rolling waves of melancholic shadows throughout and echoing adlibs of curiosity and wonder. The soul meets dark R&B sound has a minimalist approach to the production, while the closely-knit piano notes give off a flutter of soulful magic, alongside her fierce, controlled and sultry vocals. Overall alluring in its nature, the track drips in tender backing synths and a calm, soft beat.

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