Matka – Decay (New Song)

The song “Decay” is known to be the first single from the band’s next album, which is a collaboration between Ulrika Segerberg of Sweden and Martin Kleinmichel of Germany. The song hookline is said based on ancient Greek mytology and was originally conceived for a video installation. The raven in the lyrics is based on Greek mythology and it represents the relationship to the world, as well as the cycle of rise, decay, and new beginnings that it follows. Nothing is immune to change, yet life is essentially a series of new beginnings.
Warm electronic tones provide a backdrop for Segerberg’s distinctive vocal and jazzy beats, resulting in a song of enigmatic beauty.

Quotes from song

“next day I found a frog
it used to live in the pond
stiff body, head just a hole
I buried him in the black soil
his legs so long
the hole, oh, so deep”

Matka has its origins in a television shoot where the Swedish singer / artist Ulrika Segerberg and the German musician / film maker Martin Kleinmichel bumped into each other with a team from the local channel. They first played in the mathcore post hardcore band “Kratze” in Berlin and soon after founded their own project for Segerberg’s multilingual lyrics and Kleinmichel’s eclectic electro sound. Since then, the duo has grown together in songwriting and their new tracks cover a wider stylistic variety from triphop ambient to electro and jazz.

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