Molteno – Illuminate Song Is Out

Molteno has released her second studio track of the year titled “Illuminate”, and also the second single on her upcoming EP “Element 1”. She is a highly talented artist with extraordinary production skills and songwriting abilities. And this can be seen in her latest project “Illuminate”. Song written and composed by Molteno herself and Sarah Barton-Keeley. It’s a vibrant, nostalgic, dance/pop track with an explosively catchy chorus.

Molteno single “Illuminate”, presenting a hypnotic and evocative alt-pop exploration of autonomy, persistence and positivity. With rich live cello, atmospheric synths and a blend of electronic and live drums, MOLTENO’s celestial voice and ethereal vocal layers float above the earthly soundscape.

Molteno may be new to the industry, having released her debut single “Our House Is on Fire” back in July this year, but she has already established a significant presence within the scene. Her love of music began when she was very young. At the time, Her dreamy soundscapes start to take shape in her bedroom studio and are built up with collaborators to blend real with surreal.

Molteno works very hard to pursue her musical career, funding every aspect by herself without any label support.

“Illuminate is about harnessing the flames and seeking out autonomy and positivity. The song is for everyone who keeps getting back up again and again.”

“Like a fire that quickly spreads, emotions are catching, we assimilate the zeitgeist. How can we protect ourselves and keep our autonomy?”

We look forward to seeing what’s next for the super talented pop singer, songwriter and artist. She is sure to have quite an amazing next few years ahead of her, and we can’t wait to hear her upcoming EP “Element 1”.

You can keep up to date with Molteno via his Instagram page, where he uploads creative content around his new music. His music is on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and more.

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