Moretti – D’ya Care (New Song)

Saturday November 20, 2021 (London, England) Moretti band, an alternative/indie rock band from Bradford, UK, has released a new tune called D’ya Care. Powerful chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, intelligently crafted basslines, and forceful drumming abound in this piece.

D’ya Care has a strong nineties alternative and indie rock sound, but there are also plenty of Brit-pop and simple modern rock’n’roll tracks. The band aimed for an upbeat, vibrant, upbeat, danceable song that will surely compel all listeners to dance to the beat. D’ya Care is a genuine follow-up to the band’s previous release, a four-song extended play from 2020.

Moretti D'ya Care Song

“We feel this is our strongest song to date and we need your help to spread our positive music during a time when positivity is in short supply.”

This piece will transport you to the mid-nineties, when alternative, indie rock, and Brit-pop were the most popular music genres. D’ya Care has a distinct vibe that harkens back to some of the most popular songs previously released by these genre’s legends. Nonetheless, Moretti strives to maintain their orchestrations as fresh and original as possible, so this song may easily be classified as contemporary alternative or indie rock. On all streaming platforms, D’ya Care is available to listen to.

Moretti D'ya Care Song

“Tastefully put together song. Good instrumentation and melody. Good job.” – Martin

“vocal has a nice warm quality.” – Daisy

“I really liked the intro – very unique and catchy sound.” – Jamo

Listen to  song below!

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