Mother Culture Released ‘Drawing By Design’ Song

Mother Culture’s new single “Drawing By Design” is vibrant and colourful. There are bits and pieces of several styles in the song. The sound palettes wonderfully capture the spirit of what is being said in the text. The music puts you in a good mood and encourages you to explore your true self. As you get closer to the end, the mood permits you to let go of all shackles, and you emerge with a new viewpoint.

The enthusiasm is contagious the entire time. The crescendos or build-ups in this song are pretty spectacular. There’s a lot of aggression in the vocal delivery. You will be treated with wonderful surprises as you reach the bridge. Aggressions poured in, demanding that you recapture all of your beautiful vitality.

The song’s core subject, “Who Are You?” is excellently complimented by the drumming and guitar strumming. As the song advances, the bass tightens the low area, while the percussion layers keep the pulse increasingly engaged. Almost all of the tones are well-balanced, and as you get closer to the bridge, more textures surface, allowing you to blend in with the surroundings.

The song is full of positivity and positive sentiments. Speech was used to successfully convey the message. The song will certainly revitalise and encourage a vast number of potential spirits to realise their true potential. The song never fails to put a smile on my face.

With its bright melody and great mix, this song is a breath of fresh air in the indie-rock genre. This Australian duo’s brand new hit has a catchy and unique pop/rock vibe to it. “Drawing By Design” is now available to listen to or pre-save (time zone).


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