NSS personnel grabbed for fraud at Tamale Medical stores

The Tamale Medical Stores has been hit with a massive fraud running into several hundreds of thousands of Ghana Cedis at Stanbic Bank which was paid into the personal account of a service personnel, has confirmed.

The service personnel, Danyagiri Mark has been established as the mastermind of the whole scandal which has robbed the institution of the amount at the blind side of authorities. which has been investigating the story since 2020 uncovered that an account of the Medical Stores department at Stanbic Bank Tamale Branch named Drug Procurement Account where all purchases from health facilities were paid into was duplicated and re-opened at the Sunyani Branch of the same Stanbic Bank using the name D.V Drug Procurement Account.

It was revealed that suspect Danyagiri Mark with the connivance of some persons (whose names have been withheld for now) after managing to open the account with the name D.V Drug Procurement Account started operating it by diverting money into it.

The team’s actual modus operandi was to capitalize on the weak structures at the Tamale Medical Stores, thereby and stealing paid cheques or altering genuine paid cheques which he later paid into this fictitious Sunyani Branch (D.V Procurement Account) to which he was the sole signatory.

One of such cheques had a face value of GHS103,000 from the Salaga Hospital in the East Gonja District which he lodged into the fake account at Stanbic Sunyani. He later goes to withdraw.

Officials of the Ghana Health Service during investigations confirmed that a number of cheques from other facilities for purposes of drug purchase were treated the same way by the beleaguered service personnel running into hundreds of thousands of cedis.

Upon detection that paid cheques were getting missing at the office, a complaint was lodged with the police. Unknown to authorities Danyagiri Mark was behind the disappearance as he was the one handed the responsibility of paying cheques into the mandated accounts.

Checks from D.V Drug Procurement Account at Stanbic Bank in Sunyani revealed the suspect withdrew all the amount as and when the crossed cheques he deposited are cleared. He reportedly shuffled between Tamale and Sunyani to cash out and back.

Arrest and Prosecution

Following the involvement of the police in Tamale, he was subsequently arrested and confessed to committing the crime by opening another account where altered crossed cheques totaling GHS 163,000 were paid in and withdrawn with speed.

He also admitted to using part of the money to purchase an unregistered Toyota Corrola vehicle amounting to GHS78, 000 and some gadgets including Iphones.

Police investigators also retrieved a cash amount GHS39, 975.00 from him at the time of his arrest which he admitted was part of the money he stole. He was subsequently arraigned before a Tamale High Court presided over by Richard Kogyapwa on December 17, 2020 and charged for Stealing, forgery and money laundering.

The court granted him bail with two sureties to be justified but he failed to meet the conditions as the sureties presented land documents and snapped photos of another property claiming the building is on that land

He is set to reappear on January 20, 2021. Meanwhile the cash and the vehicles among other property acquired with the stolen amount have been confiscated by the police.







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