NYKY “Too Far” Song

(Tuesday, November 16, 2021 London, England) – After building overwhelming anticipation and delivering a number one hit single, the British pop star NYKY to release his highly anticipated single song, Too Far, on 19 November 2021 via Voodoo Music Belgium, the country’s leading music company.

Too Far is a dark and brooding tune with a three-hit deep bass theme that anchors the music from the beginning. The track’s musical production could be the soundtrack to a factory, and it has an industrial vibe to it. It’s slower than conventional industrial techno, but it’s still danceable, and it’s clearly closer to a deep house or melodic techno track. As it carries the listener through a dark and mysterious trip, the melodies are hypnotising, and the arpeggios ascend from the dramatic, albeit hypotising vocal.

The listener is practically in a state of fear by the time the pre-chorus arrives, but this is quickly dispelled as the kick and bass return to tell the listener to dance. In the deathly tight break section, the three bass hits smack the listener in the belly once more, just before the chorus returns to release the tension. This is a song that really brings up the singer’s inner struggle, as she sings about emotional pain in a beautiful and serene manner, but she’s too far gone to be completely aware of her current predicament.

NYKY is a British electronic music producer who creates ambient and emotive dance music that is meant to transport the listener and inspire a variety of feelings. He is influenced by and likened to a variety of well-known electronic producers, including Rüfüs Du Sol, ARTBAT, and Camelphat. NYKY’s future is already looking bright; after winning Jon Sine’s sampling contest with an exciting and tension laiden progressive and melodic take on Jon’s top streamed song ‘All About,’ which was featured on his YouTube channel and subsequently released on his label, Voodoo Music, within one year of creating music, NYKY’s future is already looking bright.

NYKY takes you on a journey through a diversified and unique blend of progressive, deep, and dance music, all inspired by a wide range of musical genres. Through powerful basslines, soaring melodies, and energetic rhythms, he guides the listener on an intense journey of emotional discovery, guiding them through the dark and obscure and into joyful moments of pleasure. NYKY uses music to tell a tension-filled storey; his dreamy and hypnotic builds are only interrupted to challenge and re-energise the listener’s dream-like condition in preparation for the next emotionally intense chapter of the storey.

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