Shocking Video: I saw Rawlings at the right hand side of Jesus holding a victory flag for NPP – Nakoah Elisha

Popular man of God who is widely known as Nakoah Elisha has finally revealed what he saw in the realms of the spirit when he was taken into heaven. In an interview with Kwadwo Poku on Kumasi Online TV, the popular man of God disclosed JJ Rawlings has finally got to his destination and for that matter Ghanaians should stop talking about him and think of where they will go when they die.

He added that whatever JJ Rawlings did on this earth was the will of God and for that matter nobody should blame him for anything that happened when he was the president of Ghana.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The man of God continued by saying that the lord took his spirit and opened his eyes in the realms of the spirit to see JJ Rawlings in heaven. I saw JJ Rawlings in heaven seated at the right hand side of Jesus Christ.

He was seated on a golden throne which speaks of the good work he did whiles he was on this earth. One thing that shocked me was when i saw the flag of the NPP party in his hands instead of the NDC. I asked the Angel of the Lord that was standing beside me and he told me that the reason why the NPP flag is in the hands of JJ Rawlings is that the NPP are going to emerge winners in the 2020 general elections.

The NDC must forget winning the 2020 general elections since it has already been confirmed in the realms of the spirit for the NPP.

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Credit: Kumasi Online TV

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