Simulated Youth – NBT feat Camoragi

Thursday November 26, 2021 (London, UK) The wait is finally over as your very own Simulated Youth released his track ‘NBT’ which featured Salvadoran singer Camoragi on it. The song was released today and it’s available on all streaming platforms.

NBT is about the musician’s music falling in love with him, but it’s simply his “nice bass track” to him. The song’s main atmosphere is a mix of dark electronic sections and bright, if not triumphant, choruses, which depict the song embracing her fate optimistically. The original NBT was released on March 5, and this remastered version includes additional vocal lines as well as several instrumental alterations. SY has improved the listening experience by making it louder and more memorable than before. Camoragi, a Salvadoran singer, provided vocals for this multinational duet.

Simulated Youth NBT feat Camoragi


Simulated Youth, based in Detroit, makes electronic music with a twist. In each new song, he incorporates elements from other genres, such as rap and pop, to create a completely unique listening experience. His songs are mainly futuristic or thought-provoking in nature, but he is known for making some ” left field” or plain funny tracks as well. His ultimate goal is to give listeners an entirely unique sound that is both emotional and unforgettable.

“I think that this tune is very unusual in this genre – and nevertheless I I find it is very attractive and charming. At the same time very old-fashioned and modern. The jazzy/swing element is interesting and could take this tune above the middle-of-the-road competition out there.” –  Daisy

“The song is put together very well overall. It’s definitely something that needs to be said.” – Alka Jamo

Simulated Youth NBT feat Camoragi

Simulated Youth NBT feat Camoragi song

Stream Simulated Youth latest song NBT featuring Camoragi

NBT a song by Simulated Youth feat Camoragi

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