Tayiha Drops Gotta Be More Than This Song

Tayiha, an Australian singer and composer, has released a new song called “Gotta Be More Than This.” Tayiha is a gifted musician whose music exudes a sense of newness. Her music is heavily influenced by the rhythmic pop/R&B style of the 1980s.

She embraces her charisma for the fun quintessence and sets the way for new styles in the industry, influenced by pop icons such as Lana Del Rey, Alessia Cara, and Whitney Houston. In her talent to craft melodies and lyrics that sound years above her 16-year-old age, Tayiha has been compared to a youthful Taylor Swift.
The Australian artist, Tayiha has previously released critically acclaimed singles such as ‘Lose Myself’, ‘Good Energy’, ‘Keep it on the Low’ and ‘Hollywood Dreamer.’ She is more than a musician; she is a megastar in the making. Tayiha is a finalist in the 2021 Queensland Music Awards for her song ‘No Happy Ending’ that she wrote and recorded at age 14.


“Gotta Be More Than This” is a song that talks about things that happens in relationship. In this song, she is sending a message to everyone who is in a relationship but not contributing enough to make the relationship work, according to the lyrics in the song, she wants both partners to contribute/give to the relationship, not one person.

What you’ll like most about this future superstar is how relatable her songs are. If you listen to any of her songs, you’ll notice that they’re all inspired by challenges that people encounter on a daily basis, whether it’s a relationship problem or societal conventions.

Listen to “Gotta Be More Than This” on Spotify and other major online platforms. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube to stay up-to-date on her upcoming

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