The Bergamot – Burns (Official Video)

14 November 2021 (Milan, IT) – The Bergamot has today released their new single “Burns”, closing out the year for the group as they prepare for a new album in the spring of 2022 (via AWAL). The song was released on 5 November via Both Records LLC United State.

Since 2016, The Bergamot has been creating personal music that portrays emotional stories, and their diverse music producing process has allowed them develop their trademark sound over time. “Burns,” their most recent album, is a blend of melodic elements and delicate melodies that produce an in-the-air, mesmerising sound. On their new song, the artists display unique and enthralling soundscapes that are harmonically rich and full of passion.

A detuned, lofi-style guitar riff opens the music, which is followed by a delicate, slightly intricate beat progression. The song has a nostalgic vibe to it, with mellow harmonics that add depth to the vocal melody, and it sounds like an electronic-style Cigarettes after Sex track. The Bergamot’s lyrics explore the sense of desire for someone, with acoustic guitar interludes and melodious background vocals.

“I want to hold you even when you’re far away, I want to believe you when you say you’re here to stay, I’m here to stay no matter what you say”

The second stanza includes a soothing synth melody as well as some intricate production additions, all of which contribute to an interesting listening experience. There aren’t many elements in this tune, which I believe helps to maintain the peaceful vibe that runs throughout. Furthermore, “Burns” contains a lovely outro section that ends the song on a very peaceful and fulfilling tone that is both pleasant to listen to and has a dreamlike air. The smooth transitions give the impression that the song is light, while the heartfelt lyrics are delivered freely.

The Bergamot, best known for their album “Mayflies,” has gone a long way and appears to have a plethora of tales to tell. Their talent to transform passion into beautiful music is enthralling, and their journey has resulted in several presents for their fans. I’m excited to hear what else the artists have planned for us, and after hearing the music, I’m sure you will be as well!

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