Us4 – Tears Of A Clown (New Song)

Sunday November 2, 2021 (London, England) DIY Irish pop-rock band Us4 has released the much awaited song “Tears Of A Clown”, out on November 12 via Us4 Music.

Tears Of A Clown, a sparkling song from the skilled and self-produced four-piece Irish family band Us4, is a really different act that are only getting started. This is the storey about being down and trying to find the energy to boost yourself up after an emotional experience so that you can return with the vigour that made you special before.

Finding your radiant light in this harsh world full of terrible potholes – waiting to swallow you whole if you don’t have your thick skin ready for action – is the only way to truly be the person you want to be in life.

With a background soundtrack that takes you to a new place in your gushing capillaries, such well-sung songs have a mystery edge that has your rain-soaked frame vibrating with excitement. As you pull yourself away from what has been bringing you down in the past, the atmosphere is loaded with a thoughtful stream of wonder.

“Emanating from a rich musical background, Us4 is the triumphant culmination of a childhood of exposure to a vast and eclectic blend of music. A strong Irish heritage is evident in their unique and vibrant sound, as they seamlessly marry the driving rhythms of stadium rock acts with the beautiful melodic spirit of traditional Irish folk music.” ~ Us4

Us4 is a DIY Irish pop-rock band formed by four siblings from Birmingham, United Kingdom. They’re a close-knit bunch who deliver stunning harmonies for us to stare into while we search for a new path of self-worth.

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