Video : A Pump Attendant Kept Fueling A Car While Two Armed Robbers Robbed The Car Owner

A filling station pump attendant was caught on CCTV footage in a very absurd yet brave situation. The said pump attendant was fueling a car when two armed robbers got down from their car and proceeded to rub the owner of the car whom the pump attendant was fueling his car.

A brave moment was however noticed by people who watched the CCTV footage when the said pump attendant kept fueling the car while the two armed robbers robbed the owner of the car who was inside the car.

We don’t know what to make of this act, whether the pump attendant was being smart to not have reacted to the armed robbery or the pump attendant was so scared that he couldn’t react to the armed robbery. But we believe it was a brave moment for the pump attendant.

Whichever way, the video was uploaded on the Twitter social media platform and Twitter users who have watched the video were seen in the comment section applauding the act and calmness of the pump attendant. They were of the view that should the pump attendant tried to intervene, the armed robbers may have shot and this will cause a greater disaster like the filling station catching fire.



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