Xoe-B – Life in Colour (New Song)

Thursday November 24, 2021 (London, UK) – With completely fresh track “Life in Colour” – out November 12, Xoe-B’s disco fever has generated a kaleidoscope of groove.

Xoe-B is back and ready to take on the world with a fresh sense of freedom and motivation. In her new track “Life in Colour,” she promises a sensation of emotional freedom, as opposed to the melancholy of her past releases. Xoe- B’s unique vocal arrangements capture the essence of disco while injecting a sassy, “in-your-face” pop feel into the mix.

Xoe-B Life in Colour Song


Life in Colour was released on November 12th and is available on all streaming platforms, with a chorus calling for all listeners to become self-empowered and a bridge begging for audiences to shout to.

Xoe-B, which blends Dua Lipa, Jamioroquai, and Chic, promises to pack a punch with a funky bass line, daring dynamics, and groovy keys courtesy of producer Tokta, keeping you on your feet and dancing the day away on repeat. The song demonstrates the her inherited love for disco and funk while also preserving her high-attach vocal style, which was informed by her brother’s enthusiasm for rock and metal and trickled into Xoe- B’s daily listening.

Xoe-B Life in Colour Song

She emerges on the other side after a few years on an emotional rollercoaster and reflects on her own experiences, saying:

“Finally reaching a sense of emotional freedom, I can safely say it hasn’t been an easy ride; full of love and loss, heartbreak and betrayal both in romantic relationships as well as family. Reflecting on my inner turmoil, I’m proud of what I have accomplished in my personal and professional development. I now feel empowered, confident and strong whereas previously I felt restricted through the mental barriers I created for myself due to the trauma I faced; I wasn’t letting myself move on. “Life in Colour” is the perfect showcase of where I was to where I am now; it’s a true celebration of self acceptance, liberation and levelling up in every aspect of life.”

Xoe-B Life in Colour Song

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